Thursday, May 30, 2013

sd running team - shirt donations

Kate at Portland Running Company is my hero of the day! She worked hard to provide an over-flowing box of free 2012 race shirts for my Shepherd's Door Running Team. I scored sizes for everyone too! No one will be left out. The girls are going to be so excited!! I do the happy dance now! A special thank you to Portland Running and Run with Paula Events. This donation means a lot!

If you want to learn more about my Running Team read here.

Tuesday, May 28, 2013

what's in a car?

We've been a one car family for about three years now. It was hard at first but I grew to enjoy the freedom from car payments and the teamwork it takes to run a family with just one car. Sharing is good for adults too - not just for my three year old. And I learned last year while training for a marathon that feet work very well for transportation. I mean, you can't haul groceries but I've run to volleyball games, to coffee dates, to the post office, and more. So far in Portland public transport was Tim's vehicle but his Pharm program is sending him all over Oregon to intern so a second car was very necessary.

Now my only reservation is - this car does not speak to me. My jeep spoke to me, and about me. It explained quickly that I am loyal, and rustic, and funny, and sporty (or at least I like to think so). My Dad helped me purchase the Jeep 10 years ago; long before Tim, and babies. I could move from state to state with everything I owned piled in. There is a little bit of single Abby in that car...and everyone hates to lose that last bit of personal history right?

Well, we are keeping the Jeep around but the kids can get into the new Honda by themselves, and it comes with working windows, locks, wipers, and air conditioning. So I caved. I drive a super typical and extremely un-fancy 2000 Honda Accord. I wouldn't even be able to pick it out of a plain car line up except for the 26.2 sticker tagged on the back that tells me it's mine. It doesn't speak sporty, or funny, or lively but I suppose it does say something. I suppose it says I'm dead inside I'm practical. It could be worse. It could be this:

And I apologize if that is your car....

Monday, May 27, 2013

Sunday, May 26, 2013

i heart saturdays

About 7 months ago, fresh off the Portland Marathon high, on a tour of the Shepherd's Door* campus I had an idea....or God had an idea....or I had an idea and then I wanted to back out and God was like do it......

I thought it would be cool for the women there to have a running team. They could build their health, they could acquire some confidence, and if I lead it, I'd look out for them any way they needed it. It's hard being at the bottom, hell, it's hard being at the top! And although I don't know everything about racing and running and recovery, I know enough; enough to care, enough to be there.

And so after my feet went cold and then warm and then super cold, and then God shoved me in the deep end, I find myself now two meetings into the Shepherd's Door Running Team. I picked up a co-leader, Amanda, on the way. She is way more than perfect for the job. God knew.

The first week a few of the others gals in the program (not on the running team) seem to heckle Amanda and I for being runners, or leaders, or thin. I'm not quite sure. They might have even meant no harm under their tough exteriors but at one point I was looking around thinking a beer bottle might be flying towards my head soon. I think we blended in more on the second visit and as we sat in the cafeteria waiting for one runner we gathered three more and not a heckle was uttered. Victory.

So we started with 4 women, we seem to have 8 now. Eight incredible women with stories completely different from mine but you wouldn't know it because we're giggling like kids in the weight room together. I have 2 girls that are going to whip my butt on the track and 2 girls who are starting with walking. I have one grandmother just off the streets, three weeks into the year long program. She connected instantly with us. Her giggle is my favorite.

Throughout the week I find myself often coasting, pushing, thinking ahead to the next weekend when I get to see my lovely group again. I'm on the hunt for new and good used shoes and clothing. I'm writing to races hoping to get free entry as I have zero budget. Yes, I have some goals in mind. Besides spiritual and personal growth I'll be pushing for a finish line. The girls don't know it yet but the team will do 13.1 in October. Walking, jogging, or racing; we'll all train, we'll all finish. It's sure to be epic, and fun, and leave a mark. They don't know this goal yet, but they don't have internet ( I think) so they won't find out until I tell them...... next month...when they will hopefully love me enough to not punch me in the face at the words "half marathon."

There is a nice picture on Pinterest that says, "If your dreams don't scare you they aren't big enough." I like to say,
 "if you have an idea that makes you 
sweat in fear then 
that's probably a GREAT idea."

It's a little more practical of a saying don't you think? But maybe not as catchy.... especially for people who sweat less than I do.

So that's what's happening in my life right now. I'm so excited to share it! If you want to help please shoot me a comment or an e-mail. I do need help. I need support and I need donations of all kinds and I need hook ups with companies and races who have big hearts. Stay tuned.

*Shepherd's Door is a Christian home for displaced and recovering women and their children, run by the Portland Rescue Mission.

Saturday, May 25, 2013


Tonight Tim and I finished watching the Harry Potter series. It only took us 7 years. Yeah, you're right, it does seem like most people watch movies a little more....together than that. Tim introduced Harry to me at our first apartment, during our first year married. I have a hard time remembering a lot of things but I remember those first two movies well..... er I guess I said that wrong. I have no idea what Harry did or if Professor Snape was portrayed as good or bad in that movie, but I do remember cuddling with my new husband, my best friend in the world. I remember we had popcorn on the red futon that we made into a rocking bad/couch. I remember wanting to wait a while to see the next one even though it was already at Blockbuster. It was such a fabulous date, I just wanted to save the next one for later.

Who would have guessed we would finish the series living in Portland, still in love, with two kids and no backyard. It's romantic really.... yes, Harry Potter is romantic to me. That just goes to show you how TERRIBLE I am at watching movies. It's like I don't even get it! Oh well.

Sunday, May 19, 2013

did no one tell me they were taking a picture?

My least favorite thing to do is look like an idiot, but you know, you can't win them all.

It's all over facebook now, but at least my boots look nice.

Thursday, May 16, 2013

the best time to be a mom

Mother's Day this year was full of good things. One of my favorite things was this sheet Grant filled out at school about me. And he gave it to me during a homemade scavenger hunt!

I am always chasing him around telling him he is so CUTE! I'm glad that one stuck with him all the way to the classroom. 

And then my wonderful husband blew my mind with supplies and bar skills so I can have lemon drop martinis at home! What am I a queen??

Yes sometimes it is good being me.