Sunday, July 28, 2013

the best 5k

Our new favorite race is the BAC 5k at Nike.
1 - We walked to the race from our apartment.
2 -  Only 700 participants meant not a lot of foot traffic at the start.
3 (and most importantly) - Sparkling indoor and outdoor bathrooms with no lines! This is VERY important to me as I've been known to dart out of the race line to pee moments before the gun...and once during the gun.
4 - It was a nice flat course....a little warm...but you can't have it all.
5 - It starts at 7:00pm. No waking up at 5am and cramming food down my throat. I have always been a night runner.
6 - After you soak your shirt in sweat you get a nice clean one to put on! (pictured below)

The race was packed with elite runners. It looks like 1/4 of the runners beat 20 minutes. Ouch! I looked like a sloppy mess compared to most out there BUT I did get another 5k PR and finished in the middle of the pack at 25:03. That's an 8:04 pace! I'm very happy considering the last 6 weeks of training I was a single mom and bumped half of my runs off the schedule to play sand volleyball (and I know most of you think that's a fair trade but it's not). That lack of a perfect training program showed itself at mile 2.5 as I thought about giving up and sitting down more than once. I was seriously sucking wind and my brain was at FULL meltdown. Thankfully, Tim was at the finish to keep me off the pavement and give me water. Good man, finishing at 21:52 and catching his gasping wife when she finally rolls in. We make a great pair - as long as we're not running together-together, cause then I want to punch him in his bouncing, smiling face.

Friday, July 26, 2013

it's been too long

For the last six weeks Tim has been interning in Klamath Falls. SIX. WEEKS.

That is not anywhere near Portland by the way.

But we had no choice in the matter. It had to be done. So we did it.
It was terrible.

I mean, sometimes it was fine. And sometimes it was extremely difficult. And sometimes I enjoyed making all the decisions. And I was able to watch a million Cupcake Wars episodes.

But I never liked doing all the dishes, and all the discipline, and all the teeth brushing, and laundry. I never liked not having my best friend around to share my thoughts and jokes and trials everyday.

Luckily Aunt Kateri let me leave the house twice a week for a run and the kids travel to the sand volleyball courts well. And Tim came home for two days on the weekend which is better then nothing....but just barely.

And I was proud I didn't complain on Facebook.
And proud I got Calli to swim lessons every day this week.
And no one missed a meal. But sometimes the meal was cereal...again.

But I really did crack these last few days.
And Tim is just as worn out and stressed as me.
And we have 18 hours left.
Then our life will go from super insane back to whatever it was before....

And I'm thankful for what I have.
But Pharmacy School has not come without sacrifice.
Good things rarely do I suppose.

Tuesday, July 16, 2013

summer days

Everyone in the family knows mom doesn't like toys left in the living room but for most of the summer a giant Nerf gun has lived, leaning against the wall, just inside the front door. I recently realized I have never asked that it be put away. I suppose Grant and I agree that a gun should always be ready at the door in case his friend frantically asks him to run outside and shoot things...which happens three times a day.

Monday, July 15, 2013

the big seven

I find myself in the same spot every year on July 14th - throwing out my plans for a super simple birthday party for Grant and scrambling to print, design, buy, and make everything awesome I can for the little guy I love so much. 

This year it was 

a pool party in our back yard

three 7 year olds

rainbow sherbet

a LEGO/ Star Wars themed 
ice cream toppings tray

blow up light sabers

a gaggle of little sisters

a star wars room make over

and me saying 25 times,
"okay, now do _______
and I'll take a picture."