Friday, August 30, 2013

a pink best friend

For the last week Calli has had a new best friend - a can of hot pink frosting. She has slept with the frosting, taken it on bike rides & car rides, watched movies with it and talked to it. She has asked everyday to make our pink cake and waited patiently….

until today!  Cake day had finally come. We celebrated the Last Day of Summer Vacation with a dairy-free, homemade cake (Grant officially has a milk allergy). Calli added the sprinkles. It was a very fun summer worth a celebration! I played with my kids more then I ever have before and I'm happy I did. They are great kids!

And then Calli licked the cake...

Sunday, August 18, 2013

cannon beach

Grant and Calli loved the beach so much last week at the Seaside Tournament we promised another coast day. The weather wasn't forecasted to be great but it turned out beautifully! Warm enough to play in the waves and the sand and cool enough to nap under the clouds. Tim and I noticed our family adventures are getting better and better as Calli gets older. As soon as a kid can be bribed with candy to keep walking you've pretty much got it made.

Thursday, August 15, 2013

summer days

It's a cousins-at-the-pool type of summer. It's good.

Thursday, August 08, 2013

i spy

Grant and I made an I Spy page we'd like to share with cousins Gabe, Reese, Noah, Luke, Macy, and Caleb. Click to enlarge. Happy Summer!

Wednesday, August 07, 2013

Tuesday, August 06, 2013

born to be wild

Tim and I took 5 hours off today in a last hurrah of summer. We went to my favorite restaurant downtown, OMSI. Yes, the science museum. They have this upscale cafeteria that has street tacos, sliders, wraps, grilled sandwiches, and pizza. Plus outdoor seating by the river AND free membership parking. Yeah baby! Another membership perk is 2 free IMAX tickets, so we went to a show! Looking back on how we changed our minds from an ocean show to an Africa show and squeezed thru the doors 5 minutes late I could even say God had a hand in it.

The movie "Born to Be Wild" followed two amazing women in different parts of the world - Indonesia and Africa. One devoted her life to saving orangutans, the other to saving elephants. I was particularly struck by the team of men that took care over a herd of orphaned, baby elephants. Their job was to keep each individual elephant happy and make sure it felt loved. Now I'm not sure how much love an elephant feels but that's not the point of this post. Each keeper SLEPT with a baby elephant. They never left the babies alone. They played, they sang, they were wrapped up, in their personal baby elephant - for years. Because that's what a mommy elephant does.

Now the boast of the entire movie was that the women leading the charge to save these baby animals always did so to heal, train, and set the animals free again. I was struck by their example of love, and the way they used love to prepare an animal to be wild (you would think the opposite would be true)....and I started to think that my own children are not so different from a couple of baby elephants.

I think I am a pretty good parent, and if you made a montage of the highlights of me with my kids over the last month I would look really good. Perhaps this is all I saw on the screen, a collection of animal preservation hits. But those elephant keepers convicted me and God taught me. My kids are under my care for a short time and I am essentially preparing them for the wild. They will go off into this scary world and make decisions that will keep them alive or put them in harms way. They may be parents themselves one day. I have to teach them and I have to love them. I was raised in a nice family but not a cuddly one. I was always supported but also pushed to be independent. I know I'm parenting my kids the same way. I am convicted to show my love more. Because it's not about if I love them or not. Oh, I love them. The question is how I choose to show it. And what priorities I keep.

So in writing this post I am taking the time to ponder in my heart the meaning of loving children and raising them to live the in wild. I am redoubling my efforts to lie next to them in bed instead of checking my e-mail. I will say "I love you because..." as many times as I say "pick up those toys". Because certainly I am raising the most important little elephants in the world.

Friday, August 02, 2013

running with a 7 year old

Sometimes I enjoy a run in the quiet forest or a hard workout with loud music but sometimes I just get tired of running by myself and I'm looking for some good old fashioned conversation. That's when I make Grant run with me. He does not disappoint. Here are just a few conversational topics I've had with my 7 year old during our two runs this week:

- How to attach a homemade blaster pack to a Hero Factory figure (it's about 22 steps)
- How it would freak him out if a cat was hanging off a car (like Garfield did on TV - demonstration included)
- How he just tripped and almost fell down and will now reenact it for me
- 8 reasons why we should not touch poison oak
- Which path the snakes are usually on
- How he told the neighbor there was a dead rat on his doorstep
- A description from memory of every Brain Attack creature from his Hero Factory Library book
- How he knows that lady we just passed
- Detailed instructions to make me better at Donkey Kong and the new levels I haven't seen yet
- How it would be cool if he could do a flip right now and what he'd need to make said flip happen (hint: invisible wall and suction cups)

Thursday, August 01, 2013


One year in Oregon anniversary. Blackberry picking by the apartment. ♥