Sunday, October 27, 2013

SD run team: race day

You may have heard already that I am coaching a womens running (and walking) team at Shepherd's Door. If you haven't, you can catch up here. (and maybe here too)

We have been training for about 5 months, meeting 3 saturdays a month. Sometimes my girls showed up, sometimes they didn't. Sometimes I walked in to learn a girl (or 2) had left the recovery program altogether, most likely to go back to the streets, back to using drugs, and/or back to a toxic relationship. Once I drove out to the house and (stood up) I ran all by myself in the basement. And once twice I led a devotional with a kid running around the table screaming.

Not one single meeting in 5 months went according to my plans. Not one.

I started to be happy those mornings when Basho the dog didn't corner me and my co-leader in the hallway growling.

That's how well it was going.

But there were also encouraging times. I did love talking with the girls. I loved to see them succeed - even though that was not every week. And we found a volunteer for childcare - oh that was a glorious thing!

And in the midst of the chaos that swept in and out of our team, I prayed.
"Lord, I need you to move a mountain. I need you to get us across the finish line." 
And I just kept praying it - until I walked into the house this morning and found childcare and transportation sorted and three girls, ready to go. All was well - except for Basho, who stood between me and the bathroom. I decided I could hold it for a few minutes, and as I backed into the cafeteria I suddenly heard the music playing:
"Savior, He can move the mountains,
My God is mighty to save
He is mighty to save."

I can't show pictures of the girls here but 2 quarter marathoners and a half marathoner from Shepherd's door made it across the finish line. The Gorge Marathon was a tough course but also over the top beautiful. It was the first race any of them had ever finished.

When one of the girls heard she would get a medal this morning her mouth hung in an open smile and she grew quiet and looked out the van window for a minute. She turned back around and said softly, " I can't believe we get medals." And this is a woman who I have never heard speak softly. 

So I have to say, there were a lot of ups and downs during this journey, but, as I lay it all in God's hands I am happy with it. I can see a lot more finish lines in the future for each girl, whether they ever run again or not. And I learned so much training them and hearing their stories. This was the most rewarding half marathon I've run so far (number 4) and that's not even including the fabulous taco bar at the finish line. 

trainers - Amanda and I before the race
rainbow start
beautiful climb
somewhere in the middle - and then it super rained and my hand chilled to the shape of a claw so I stopped taking photos and texting

Thursday, October 24, 2013

tiny swimmer

I just love it! She is close to passing level one at THPRD. She can jump into the deep end and pop up with a perfect back float. She can roll from her back float to a front float. She can grab a dive ring off the bottom of the 2.5 foot pool. Hard core!

Friday, October 18, 2013

still got it

Tim and I had TWO dates this week. That doesn't happen! AND it was even a very bad, no good, test week. On Wednesday I dropped my work and met him in Hillsboro for lunch. Tonight we ran to dinner together. Yes, we ran to dinner...or around dinner... and then sat down at dinner. And I was still surprised I over-ordered. I really thought dinner at 7:00 after a three mile run meant I could eat three plates of food...I failed...but it was a fabulous date! I love my husband.

Monday, October 14, 2013

new things

This weekend we all rode our bikes to Grant's school to play. Grant crossed the monkey bars for the first time. It's good to conquer new things!

Saturday, October 05, 2013


Sometimes I see her face and I am in awe...

waiting for a stop light on her bike
wrapped in a towel at swim lessons
eating a tiny muffin with me at the store
reading her a book in bed
laying next to me when we nap together

not to be outdone by his sister....

I have to pull his little frame close to mine when we walk
I can't stop smiling when I'm close enough to see his freckles
making him laugh is oh so fun
a little squish hug is all I need to keep me going

They are mine & I am blessed.

Friday, October 04, 2013

not so lazy friday

When I woke up today I told myself - "it's Friday, take it easy, just ship your orders and watch TV with Calli today". Surprise, surprise, that plan failed. 

I answered some e-mails and new purchases and got off on a rabbit trail trying to find new wax lined bags for Mavora, all the while I'm also feeling bad I'm not playing with Calli. When you work from home sometimes you are good at work and sometimes you are good at being a parent but you're pretty screwed if you want to do both at the same time.

But's 3:00 now. As I write I'm printing envelopes for an unfinished order (not really unfinished, it wasn't even started yet this morning and it ships today - oops) and I still need to buy postage and pack the other orders. (So everything that started on my list is still on my list). What the heck happened?

I remember I was drinking coffee....

I was thinking how I was supposed to run today and Calli was begging to ride her bike. So I went with a plan I thought up last week, except I had never really finalized the details....

We parked on 185th and I ran and Calli rode her bike (with no training wheels it is possible for her to keep up a pretty good pace). We headed in the direction of Pirate Park. I had not been there before nor did I check any milage estimates. According to my map reading skills it was just "right over there".

So I made a three year old bike three miles round trip... to play at a park... during lunch time... without any food... on my "lazy day". And did I mention Calli's bike pedals fly off every .75 miles?

That's motherhood for you.

Praise the Lord for the caterpillar, the puppy caterpillar (a super fluffy, brown & black, SPRINTING caterpillar), and the snake that cheered us along the path.

My envelopes are almost finished now.... maybe I'll have a lazy evening after the post office closes... if I start making better decisions.