Tuesday, December 31, 2013

every kid hates their parents sometimes...

Grant was not happy at miles 2 and 4 but the family conquered our goal of a 6 mile run yesterday. It's tough to get out in this cold (40 damp degrees) but we've found sitting in the apartment on vacation has it's own challenges. You might as well brave the elements once in a while.

Monday, December 30, 2013

forest days

- a favorite winter photo of mine -

Although you don't see faces, I do. And I hear laughter. 
I remember those trails with my kids. Other newts and slugs and deer.
And I feel…family.


Sunday, December 29, 2013

photo fail

I'm salvaging a few photos from Christmas but obviously I can't juggle house guests, two kids, presents, breakfast, and fast action photography.

Tuesday, December 24, 2013

merry christmas 2013

Tonight we started what, I hope, will be a new tradition in our house. We baked Jesus a birthday cake and Christmas will be the one day a year the children get to eat cake for breakfast….because too many Christian traditions are unnecessarily boring.

to our friends and family who follow us here.

Thank you for giving us your love and support all year around - in Reno or Portland or wherever you are! Blessings to you this season - ♥

Saturday, December 21, 2013

hold them close

You know when tragedy happens and everyone says, "Hold your babies close"…

That doesn't work for me.

Calli will wiggle out of my arms with a vengeance, yelling, "no mom no!!!"

So I just take pictures and look at them.

At least I can still cuddle Grant. He's pretty much given up fighting. 

I just bribed some cuddling out of Calli with a bowl of green olives. 

The power of the olives!!!!!

Thursday, December 19, 2013

in the running news

The wonderful, awesome, super helpful Portland Running Co. donated 10 pairs of returned shoes last week. (this is in addition to boxes of tech shirts and sweatshirts earlier this year) These shoes are SO BEAUTIFUL! The women at Shepherd's Door looking to add exercise into their lives will be so blessed by these! New shoes prevent injury and give confidence and encouragement to hit the road. Oh I am so happy!!!

You can probably tell.

When I dropped them off the two gals working donations recognized me as the running coach and asked if they could join the group. I LOVE that a running team was so foreign 6 months ago and now every time I go a new girl pulls me aside to get details. 

And in the corner of the cafeteria one of my runners last season was doing math homework with a tutor. I interrupted of course, because hugs are better then math.

She told me with a grin that she lost 2 pant sizes. She's still in the program, working hard. Walking often.

As I leave she hollers across the cafeteria - Love you! Merry Christmas! 

It's hard to make contact often since I live across town, but I miss that place. Looking forward to more runs in the new year!

Wednesday, December 18, 2013

did i ever tell you?

Did I ever tell you about my friend Carroll?

I noticed him at drop-in volleyball after living here for about 4 months. We count off to make teams and I landed on his, and then on his left side in the line up. This means I have the awkward responsibility to rush over close and jump to block with him. I say awkward because I'm terrible at blocking with strangers of all kinds but especially this time, because Carroll looks like this (guy on the right):

from Men in Black
But by the second night on his team we swapped names and by the 4th we were friends. I'm now on his co-ed indoor team and most Wednesdays (practice night) you will find us laughing and chatting until the last second a serve will whip over the net.

Yes, he is quite different from me, but he's kind and he's wise and he hits lefty if you're setting him.

I've been playing a lot more volleyball the last 4 years of my life. Sometimes I think it might be a waste of time. Sometimes I think others think it's a waste of time. But I can't stop. Besides the fact that I finally learned how to spike correctly, I take so much from so many people on the court. Volleyball is a mini sphere of life. It puts on the pressure, but it also doesn't really matter if you fail. And you get to see the insides of people rather quickly. You know me - straight to the point is always best.

I've learned a lot of lessons from a lot of people. Sometimes I've learned what not to do. Sometimes I've seen examples of who I want to look like in the future.

If I didn't play so much I wouldn't have known Cara - she died unexpectedly this year - she had a fire to go after every ball and made you feel you would never fail by her side.

And without two summers of grass ball in Reno I wouldn't have known Cessie, a lover and encourager that welcomes all, nothing forced, all real.

I remember only one or two wins/loses over the past few years but I remember a lot of people and interactions. And I hope I've touched my favorite people as much as they've touched me. I used to want to be kind on the court so that people would see that I am a Christian, but I am starting to see that this isn't working. It's not working because those friends without Jesus are typically kinder than I am. And I guess it makes sense since becoming a Christian didn't make me a shiny perfect person, it just gave me grace! And they don't need to be any better. They are great - beautiful - loved.

But the grace of Jesus is a gold mine.

And I hope I do it justice in the world.

Tuesday, December 17, 2013

don't ask why

When someone asks me how I'm doing I say, "Good, I'm excited for Christmas to come!" To which most reply, "why?"

Um. Is the word Christmas not self-explanatory? Do you know what Christmas is??

- My parents are coming to play with me and my kids.
- I finally get a green light to buy my kids toys.
- My 3 year old is ADORABLE when she gets everything she wants.
- I get all my favorite snacks and snuggle with my husband in our pajamas.
- Christmas movies!!!
- The one day a year I let my children doggie pile me in bed for a wake up call (grant's favorite tradition).
- And as a person who dislikes skiing and never seeing the sun - I could use a fun winter day.

So to you who ask why, I say, "Duh".

Thursday, December 12, 2013

this week at our house

verb: un-parent; 3rd person present: past participle:unparented; gerund or present participle: unparenting
to interject your opposing opinion once your partner has already begun or finished the act of parenting. usually done from an adjacent room, seated position, or having not known the whole story. 
"unparenting will now be called as foul in the Morton house going forth"
synonyms: interrupter, couch parent, sucking

noun: unparent; no plural form
  1. 1. a father or mother who continually interjects unhelpful parenting opinions after they are needed.

    "don't sit there and be an unparent all day"

Saturday, December 07, 2013

decorating day

Tim finished his 3rd semester in Pharmacy school yesterday! Today the plan was to decorate for the holiday and enjoy some time all together.

Enter children.

We are all together. We are decorating. But we take long breaks to follow Calli around with a pink barf bucket, scrub the carpets, and cover the furniture. It would help if she wouldn't dance around the whole house while she's sick!

Tim had a special  moment wiping down the carpets to "Oh Holy Night".

As disgusting as it is, I still want to remember this day.

Merry Christmas!