Saturday, January 25, 2014

the most valuable time

Our running time continues to hold the record for the most valuable. Today he told me about the new comic he is drawing. He says he keeps all the stories he makes up in his head. He just has a few pages so far written down - and illustrated of course. We worked together to name a new character - I think we landed on Mega-Shock. And I gave a very good lesson on how a whip is different then a nun chuck. I ♥ him.

Friday, January 17, 2014

his own camera


Tim gave Grant my old Sony camera (the one I had when I met Tim actually - OLD). He has 20 lego creation photos, 4 skylander figures, and a few videos. He watches this one he took of Calli every night before he goes to bed and he LAUGHS. It's adorable!

Sorry the picture is dark but it seems to be a song by Calli featuring her phonics cards - "I" for ice-cream and "C" for cat.

Thursday, January 09, 2014

how he is

Aunt Kateri wrote a very accurate account of Grant's entrance today on her blog. Very very typical, very very adorable.
When my nephew came home from school today, he casually announced "I knew you were here because of your umbrella. If anyone wants raisins for a snack, I have some. It's still raining, but -," tipping his head on one side and squinting at me, " - actually I'd say it was just stopping raining." Then he took off his coat and shoes, went in his room and brought out his latest Lego creation: a long, unfolding grey serpent with poisonous-looking green barbs and a giant club of a head with beady eyes and a forked, rippling tongue (he used a flag from a pirate set for that). I said, "You're getting so good with the designing, this is amazing!" He said, "Well, the more sets I have, the better stuff I can design."