Monday, May 19, 2014

expectation check

Today, Grant was eating his snack and I was working in front of the America's Best Cook finale. He correctly stated, "you like those cooking shows huh?"

(It's true. I have an addiction to the Food Network web of stars and time limits.)

And then he made my day.

Grant - "You should enter one of those!"
Me - "I don't think so, I'm a terrible cook. I just like to watch."
Grant - "No, you should enter your rice with milk, raisins, and sugar. It's the best. You would win!"

Sometimes the expectations placed on a mom can be astronomically high…but sometimes…you can get away with murder!

And just in case you don't know the BEST recipe in America.

Kid Milk & Rice
1 1/2 cup of leftover white rice 
a hand full of raisins
- warm in the microwave until steamy -

Add cold milk, enough to reach the top of the rice
Shake sugar and cinnamon to taste

Yes, you too can be a super cook! Enjoy that!

And can I just add, I heart Bobby Flay.
Best show ever!

Wednesday, May 14, 2014

i must admit

When my children were babies, I thought:
Will I love them this much when they grow up - because I cannot love anyone more than this sweet, beautiful baby.

And when they grew to be 3 and 4 years old, I thought:
Will I love them this much when they grow up - because nothing is cuter than their jokes, the way they see the world, and snuggle up for story time in bed.

And when Grant turned 6, I thought:
Will I love him this much when he loses all his teeth - because his face melts my heart and I need it to stay adorable.

Once again the answer is yes. I guess I will love them this much always.


I had a wonderful Mother's Day weekend. Tim always spoils me and my mom was here visiting which is my favorite time of year. I ran a Half Marathon PR (personal record) in 2:04.

0:05 after the race

3:45 after the race. Mom, Kelly, and Amy all walked the Quarter Marathon. 

We also had the beach day I was hoping to have for months. A little cold, yes, but beautiful.

Good stuff! Not to mention Tim finished his 2nd year of Pharmacy school, passing every test in the first shot. He is out of the classroom and interning around town. We work very hard right now, but I'm proud of where we've come.