Sunday, June 29, 2014


She's laying on the ottoman in her Christmas monkey pjs. A Hello Kitty blanket under her, a Strawberry Shortcake blanket on top of her. Slightly longer than the piece of furniture, her toes and head fall off the ends. Her brown curly hair has been perfectly placed to hang down to the floor. She had turned on the Frozen soundtrack before she expertly slid into her covers and is now snuggled happily, listening, and eating a dry pancake clenched in her fists like an otter floating in the bay. ♥

Saturday, June 28, 2014

what can I say

I went to my first graduation ceremony last night at Shepherd's Door. When I walked in I saw my running sister Rose (not her real name). She was dressed beautifully, as well as all the other gals. I was in white shorts and a sweater. Immediately she took me to her room and gave me a dress and her black flip flops. What can I say besides - I love her and I am blessed she loves me.

And then during one of the prayers a staff member said,
    "Lord here we are on earth…and here you are on earth."
What can I say besides - I'm stealing that.

It was a genius evening.

Monday, June 23, 2014

for a laugh

68 hours ago - We learned our 5K race (& date night) in July, was actually in two days.

50 hours ago - In summer desperation, I raided the game store with the kids and bought all the marbles we could hold in our hands.

43 hours ago - We named the best marbles (Ruby, Jumper, Megalodon, Uni-kitty, Steele, Midnight Zone, Flipper, and Piccachu) and I promptly came down with "marble-shooter-arthritis-knuckle".

26 hours ago - I bombed that 5k in "July" and Tim and I pretended he pushed me home in a shopping cart.

6 hours ago - Grant and I were laugh-crying that we named one brown marble "poop".

3 hours ago - I tried to teach a 70 year old Indian Woman how to swim. Not because I know how to swim, or because she understands a word I say, but undoubtedly because I have a "yes face" and my kids are fish.

Summer 2014 is not here to disappoint!

Thursday, June 19, 2014

vancouver usa half marathon

We did it! The second team of half marathon runners from Shepherd's Door finished their race. Every single girl made (or beat) their plan-A goals. (More Here) Glory to God for the healing and the winning! I had so much fun! Thanks to all my friends who check-in and pray and support me and the gals. They were SO HAPPY!! Running is awesome! I love where it has taken me!

Wednesday, June 11, 2014

preshool days

Everyday I walked Calli to school we took a selfie together on the way.
I love you Calli.

Saturday, June 07, 2014


I've spent a number of hours over the last few weeks volunteering with the running team at Shepherd's Door (again: see here). I am not the lead trainer this time, and I'm coming in late in the season, but I am working my tail off. There are times the girls in the program are super thankful to hear my perspective about God, and life, and running. I can see my time helping to make them stronger women; inside and out. And I am blessed by how genuine, thankful, and soft hearted they are. Then there are other times when half of them don't show up or I don't show up. The freeway was down right CLOSED the first Saturday I tried to run with them. It is not easy serving people that are very different than you on the other side of a major city.

Today I woke up at 6:30 am and my family is using kleenex as toilet paper. I was only able to run with two gals for about 20 minutes. If this was a business I'd be tempted to shut it down as the profits don't always outweigh the sacrifice. But you will no doubt see me time and again driving 2 hours to love "strangers" ... Because that's what Jesus did for me.

Wednesday, June 04, 2014


When Calli yells, "Mom, I have a blog" it means the toilet is clogged.