Saturday, August 30, 2014

li'l fishy

Please give a warm welcome to
Darth Fishious, Angel Cat Sugar, & Sprinkles

Monday, August 04, 2014

you've been upgraded

It's swimming lesson time! Grant missed a few of his because of illness but when he went in today the teacher sent him to the next class, so he graduated level 3 and headed to the lap swimmers - level 4. I was very scared for him at first but he fell into line with the other swimmers and the coach yelled instructions as he walked along the side. He fit right in. Not too slow. Really good form. Then the coach pulled everyone out of the pool, except for Grant. He swam one lap and the coach had all the kids (who have been in that class for 2 weeks mind you) watch Grant swim because he was touching his hands out front better then everyone else. Maybe the coach was just being really nice, but newbie Grant was grinning and I was about to pee my pants! Just last week Grant was taking in water trying to keep his hands out in front and today he is a level 4 example of the skill!? I am beyond proud of him.