Friday, November 07, 2014

fall half marathon

I'm just going to share the short version of this season's half marathon with the Shepherd's Door ladies. I am still working out with them weekly and you can always ask me about them and I will share more. I am very proud of each of these ladies! We had a super wet great race.

Monday, November 03, 2014

running with my boys

For Tim's birthday this year we celebrated by meeting up at the zoo and running to Pittock Mansion. It was about a 7 mile trail run. The selfie we took before we got down to the running is my newest favorite of us. We finished with the biggest burgers EVER at Skyline Burgers. Portland is a great place to date someone you love!

And now my little love is running even more often with me. He is in the process of trying to earn Skylanders Trap Team (for the Wii). If he runs 100 miles with me it's free! Good deal right? He has run 26 miles so far. That probably took him three weeks. If he doesn't get a cramp, he loves to run to the forest. We always scare the frogs away from the bridge at the pond. Once we went out late and he said, "I want to watch it get dark!" And with a 4 mile run we did just that. 

I asked him if he wants to join a running team but he told me, "Nah, I just like to run with you." 

I like to run with you too buddy!  ♥

Saturday, November 01, 2014

Check out this wicked battle between cousins. Gabe plays for Oak Hills and Grant plays for Westside. They have similar skills on the field and are fun to watch by the goal. 

And here is Elsa and Enderman (a minecraft thing). We went to the Coplens' neighborhood to Trick-or-Treat again this year. Nina was Anna. She and Calli were in charge of the pack this year since Grant couldn't see doorsteps or ring doorbells. The key to getting the most candy is to take the first piece your neighbor is handing out and then look in the bowl and say, "ooohh I want that one!" If you are 4, apparently, you get that piece too.