Tuesday, December 30, 2014

scream scoring

Grant and I have a new obsession:

I figured out that the gym next door has open badminton nets and we signed up for a family pass! Two weeks ago I gave Grant 3 tries at serve and if he hit it twice against me he got a point.
He fell down often.
He got mad often.
And he would throw the birdie over to me to change serve.

Last week I started giving him just 2 attempts at serve and he had to hit it 3 or 4 times against me to get a point.
He fell down often.
He got mad a few times.
And he started passing the birdie over the net with his racket.

This week my court size is larger than his but other than that we are even. He has to really win each point - with one exception - we play scream scoring.

Scream scoring is when he hits a birdie so hard at my face that I scream. If I let the birdie drop and scream, he gets two points. If I get it back over the net with a scream, he gets one point. He currently earns about 5 scream points per game.

He falls down often.
He rarely gets mad.
And when I pass him the birdie for a service change he can hit it once with his racket and then catch it with his hand.

He is awesome!!!

From the first day, he always wanted to go back and play the next day. It might have been the post game slurpees that kept him coming back, I'm not sure, but I am very proud!
(except when people are walking around the track next to us and he falls down and cries like a baby and I look like a terrible mother…I mean, I'm still proud, but also embarrassed and slightly ashamed that I sent a kill shot at his head.)

Thursday, December 25, 2014

christmas 2014 wrap up

I don't really remember what happened….but there was yelling, and face timing, and a sugary breakfast. 

Grant and I were very excited to give Dad our art creations:

And the children were OVERJOYED with the spoiling which included new markers that were used immediately. Pokemon. A dinosaur robot. And a BOX OF CATS!!!!!


Tuesday, December 23, 2014

two days before christmas

Two days before Christmas, and all through our home
full of invites and coffee cups, there was no room to roam
The kids are all coughing and we began sharing
mostly of Calli and last year's Christmas barfing

The paper tree has been painted and hung up with care
the last Mavora packages are piling up over there
Tim at his cutter, and I at my mac
Kateri printing bags, pack after pack

Telling the story of the candy cane friend
the day it was found, at it's unfortunate end
When the baby was sleeping, and we peeked in and saw
the cane was unwrapped and clasped in her jaw

It was a fun time remembering, working, and laughing
but now the children are wrestling, and my home they are trashing
so I'm off to run one and Tim will take the other
it's a typical day for this working mother

Have a Merry Christmas,
from us to you
here's hoping this Christmas
that no one will spew

Tuesday, December 16, 2014

Thursday, December 11, 2014

the thanksgiving nutria

We had a very fun Thanksgiving this year with Rin, K-dad, Kateri, Faith, Cousin Rowan, Volleyball Eric, and the miracle of the Thanksgiving Nutria!

This little guy lives a mile from our house on the Nike Campus. I had been taking Grant running there for two months trying to introduce them but we could never find him - until our Thanksgiving morning run! We were so happy to see him!

….similar to the time Rowan fell in love with Eric around the dinner table. Oh the leaning and the laughing!

When we made the place cards maybe we should have separated those two.

And yes our house looks different. We rented this one to fit in allll the love! Unfortunately I have only one blurry picture to show for it. I was busy packing, unpacking, cooking, coloring, cooking some more, and enjoying the giant couch. 

I am VERY thankful it's over.

Wednesday, December 03, 2014

a cat cat here


They make me crazy…but it's a funny crazy at least. There was no school Monday, just this song. Over and over and over again.