Thursday, January 29, 2015

being thankful

There was a very special girl at Shepherd's Door that I used to work out with on Thursdays. One night at dinner, after a workout she got very serious and said, "Satan is trying to make me ungrateful for my food."

Now that's a big statement with a lot of meaning from this girl. Her past was a hungry one, living on the streets and on drugs. Her present state was overweight, trying to get healthy and active. It's a statement I would never make…but oh how wise it was. 

I remember her words all the time. Sometimes the good things in life overwhelm us and we are tempted to be ungrateful. My business Mavora just keeps getting bigger and bigger. I am working very hard right now.

And sometimes Satan is trying to make me ungrateful for my job.

The other day I gave Grant and Calli donuts and milk after I used a dozen donuts in a photo shoot. There was laughing and joking and then Grant spit up his milk. Out comes a sea of tears from him, followed quickly by Calli who began to cry just because he was crying. So donuts = crying now.

And sometimes Satan is trying to make me ungrateful for my kids. 

Two weeks ago I was really hitting the volleyball well. A year ago I was running my fastest. This week I'm slow, and tired, and I made a lot of mistakes on the volleyball court.

And sometimes Satan is trying to make me ungrateful for my body.

But there are people out there without food. 
Without safety. 
Without jobs. 
Without children. 
Without legs.
Without hope.

I may not have it all - but I have more than enough.
This child of God has no reason to have an ungrateful spirit. 

Wednesday, January 28, 2015

fashion girl

There will be no smiling and looking right at the camera. 
There will be FASHION poses. 

Friday, January 02, 2015

super dress

Calli will only wear one dress - it's in the dryer right now so she's in her underwear under a blanket and she keeps asking, "is it dry yet?"