Tuesday, February 24, 2015

4 year old fashion

Don't say anything to Calli - but I think I have successfully separated her from her house dress. This is ALL she would wear around the house for the last 3 months. Within 60 seconds of walking in the door her shoes, socks, and clothing are off and the little blue dress in on. If it's in the wash she asks every 5 minutes, "is it clean yet?"And if she's playing outside there might be an entire outfit layered on top of this dress. Just like her mom, and her mom before her, she likes to be comfortable! Two weeks ago I mentioned it may be getting too old and I'd have to get rid of it. She cried in her bed for 30 minutes. Oops. My bad.

But this weekend I purchased some new things and got a few things out of the hand-me-down bin as I quietly hid the stretched out blue dress with it's marker streaks and holes. She is embracing her love for fashion this week and wearing real clothes ALL DAY! I know this little blue dress shouldn't drive me crazy but it kind of did. I'm proud I kept cool for 3 months and now I want it to be over! 

I may need to give credit to the 3 Barbie movies she rented from the Library. She walks around saying things like, "oh yeah, I'm a fashion rock star." In Del Taco, "He's got purple hair, he's a rock star!".

Calli before ballet class.
Keep rocking it girl!

Friday, February 20, 2015


I love my job.
But there's something you should know if you plan to be a mom working from home.
Beware the
Monday thru Friday at 3:35 pm

It's when
You still have 2 proofs to sort out.
The dining room table is full of photo shoot mayhem from a creative project you should have never started.
If there was sun that day it's fading fast…and you need that light for your photo proofs.
You know an 8 year old will walk in the door in 2 minutes.
He will be hungry.
Should you take him running so that he won't bounce off the walls later?
Should you go running because you've been sitting all day?
Again, the darkness is coming!!
And don't forget the 4 year old comes out from her quiet time when Grant gets home…
She'll be hungry too - guaranteed.
And are there dinner plans yet? Because NO ONE STOPS EATING around here!
So you're about to makes a bunch of dirty dishes….
And you still have 2 proofs to sort out.

This is why Tim doesn't come straight home anymore. I found out that he talks to his friends at work or runs errands. He has walked in the door at 3:35 before.
Now he comes at 4:05.

Praise the Lord I have Kateri working for me! She took the kids outside on Wednesday right after the Splosion.

I tweeted this:

Now you know.
Avoid the work-kid-splosion if you can!

Thursday, February 12, 2015

happy valentine's day

Designer mom made custom valentines for everyone this year (preschool and 3rd grade). It's just too much fun when you have all the fonts and printers and glittery tape on hand! They wrote out their classmates' names and helped packed the candy last night on the floor. Exactly 10 years before, Tim and I started dating. I am so grateful our love has grown into

We had fun spreading the love & getting some back in return! ♥


Monday, February 02, 2015

100 miles

I made a deal with Grant in the fall. If he ran 100 miles I would buy him the new Skylanders video game. I guess I learned the whole "deal" thing from my Dad. Throughout my childhood there were deadlines and goals attached to fabulous prizes. I am not sure if research backs this parenting method or not, but it seems better than just making your kids do stuff they hate for no reason. 

Plus, Grant actually likes running with me. It means for 30 or 40 minutes it's just us. Mom's not working and Calli's not interrupting. Grant has an open invitation to tell me everything about his day, about his favorite video games, and about any new ocean or dinosaur facts he discovered recently. 

Adults huff and puff and can't run and talk. Grant is the opposite. If he's tired you just lure him into a conversation he enjoys and another miles clicks by without a second thought. 

I know more about Super Mario Brothers Galaxy and Pokemon then any other 34 year old female on the planet - or at least I should know more. I must admit sometimes I did block out the calculations of health points and attack modes and just soaked up the moments with the cutest running partner ever. 

We saw rodents and reptiles, birds and nests. We froze in the wind. We stomped thru the mud. And like a pro, Grant would ask me, "what's the milage?" He can run 2 miles comfortably and 4 miles if we get lost or he's in a good mood. We have been known to sit on a bench now and again and we always stop at the frog pond to poke in the murky water. 

He loves his new video game. We both loved all of the miles time together. One thing is for sure, he's come a long way since he started and even from one year ago. I feel like this was the best deal I ever made. I bought the game on black friday for half price = $35.00. That's like $.12 per nature fact he shared with me, or $.95 per life lesson I got to teach him, or $.60 every time we passed someone and they looked at me like I was lucky.   

At mile 98 he asked me if maybe we could make another deal - but for just 50 miles. I told him I would think about it.