Saturday, May 23, 2015

the roller birthday

We went out to Oaks Amusement Park for Reese's birthday today. This was Grant and Calli's first experience roller skating! I followed Calli around the carpet making her first 20 falls like she was landing on a cloud. And then later I let her fall super hard while I was talking to Grant…but I was next to a gum ball machine and I bought myself out of the situation.

We are so thankful to hang out with our Portland family! Happy Birthday beautiful Reese girl!

Thursday, May 21, 2015

we did it!

We finished! We started 6 years ago when Tim was laid off of his job and had the heart to start a new career path. He started back at school and made a path for a doctorate in Pharmacy. We've gone from owning a home to renting. From two cars down to one. From Reno to Portland. From normal life to year-round school life.

…and Tim poured his life into his studies, and then would come home and give more to me and the kids, and then he'd go back to school to study. We all made some sacrifices but he lead in the journey, giving selflessly and tirelessly.

One day he told me there was a guy at school that said, "Man, you're so lucky you have kids. If I had kids I would go home and study but I don't so I stay out late with my friends."

Yes. He said that.

And Tim rarely went out with friends so that I could go out and play with mine or so he could make us all dinner and tuck the kids on bed.

If you talk to me about our future, you'll see I have a lot of confidence in my husband. Just so you know, I'm not making it up. He's proven his competence and faithfulness. That's why I gave him a hand drawn certificate at the Pacific University award ceremony. (also because I lacked the planning ahead) I gave him the "Family Service Award" - because he made a conscious choice not to be the leader of his class so he could lead his family at home. I know it. He knows it. And now you know it too, even though you'd never heard it from him.

He also graduated with high honors along with 16 others (out of 100). This meant he passed every exam the first time. And the reason he worked so hard to do this? Not really for the honors. When you pass an exam the first time you get a weekend off, instead of studying to take it again on Monday. He earned every other week off for two years so that he could put away the books and be with his family for two free days.

And when I say "be with his family" - half of that was working for my wedding business so we could have money for food.

With the Lord's help we made it. And we're stronger and smarter and we run a lot faster than we did 6 years ago too!

We finished the Rock n Roll half, the day after graduation, in record time. Tim got 1:48 and I hit 2:00 on the nose. I was not prepared for that race, or these last 6 years, but I went out brave and God provided the way.

Monday, May 11, 2015

i blacked out for a second - part 1

In the back of my mind I've been taking photos and gathering stories for the blog…except then I worked so hard I blacked all that out. Mavora had it's biggest month ever in April, and that's no small accomplishment considering the last biggest-month-ever was the MAX we could do! …but then we did a bunch more. To tell you the truth, I'm tired now. The super $$$ orders flowing in was exciting. And I am very thankful we could catch up on some bills. We have a lot of bills. But now I want to slow down! Not sure if I can…but I want to. Praise the Lord for Kateri who can print TWO THOUSAND bags in a week in addition to invites. That's insane!

And since the last update - oh you will not believe this - Aunt SARAH and Charlie came to visit us! We had a very good time. Calli was in dog heaven and Grant (who dislikes dogs great and small) was rubbing Charlie's belly by the second day.

Also I've been on a Run Streak since my birthday. I decided, Lord willing, I would run everyday of this year (at least one mile). I'm on day No. 67 after persevering thru a killer heat rash. To keep my feet cool, I ran one day completely barefoot. That was the day my last 5 years of running with Vibrams was preparing me for! I can actually run barefoot if I want to! Except, please don't make me do it again. I felt like the stupidest person in the entire city on that run. I would double back to avoid passing strangers and I could not hold back fits of laughter as I ran along a busy street. I could feel their eyes and their questions - why would that girl be running without shoes?!! HEAT RASH I screamed inside my head, HEAT RASH!
...Or possibly, no one noticed at all.

Here are a few other photos of the family fun we've had in the last two months. The kids are growing fast and becoming more and more fun - because peeing in your pants and screaming in the store is just not fun for me. But I've made it through those special-insane-difficult first years. This Mother's Day I didn't even run away from the house screaming, "Mommy needs a break!" We all just hung out...
 except when we went shopping in the evening and the Best Buy employee heard me call out on the sidewalk to a whimpering child following me, "No Calli, go with Dad now!" So, okay, I didn't make it the whole day with them. 

i blacked out for a second - part 2

It looks like I also didn't get to Calli's Birthday post while I was working two peoples' jobs. While I catch up, Tim is cleaning his "desk" which is just a giant pile of papers, clothing, and bills as far as I can tell.

It was a very good BIG-5 with the grandparents, the beach, and a Disney Frozen cake. All by her request. There is no stopping this child. She is my secret treasure!

She enjoys short walks with invisible pets, pasta with butter and cheese, and gathering tiny piles of beads like a squirrel preparing for winter.

If you ask her, she'll tell you her name is Grace and her phone number is 856-3456823-5492. And she will always answer her phone (which is a pink flip mirror) if you call.