Monday, March 21, 2016

six years young

Calli turned six years old today and we celebrated BIG with a full blown girl party at Pump it Up. She started planning this party over 2 months ago. Her friends are very important to her and she doesn't usually get to see any of them outside of school so this was the day she had been waiting for!

As we pulled into the parking lot I asked Calli, "Are you excited?"
She said, "There's water in my eyes!"

And when she saw her name on the door she just lost it. She jumped over the seat to give me a hug and she cried, "this is the best birthday ever, thank you!" Thankfully that was the end to the happy tears and the rest of the night was smiles and giggles. I'm so glad we pulled it off and I hope she remembers it forever.

Making birthday sugar cookies the night before.

 I am blessed to see you grow, to give you hugs, and soak in your laughter. You sing in the shower, you dance on the bed, you spread life everywhere you go. Stay beautiful, stay strong, stay wild forever.  I love you Calista - Mom

Monday, March 14, 2016

it's that season

This long drawn out blog silence is due to the fact that Tim works 50+ hours and it's wedding season and half marathon training season. But we are still alive, living a pretty simple life in a house full of ants...yeah it's also ant season.