Wednesday, June 22, 2016

forgiven + loved

I'm wrapping up my time volunteering at Shepherd's Door Portland. It's been a wild 3 years! The house that started off so foreign and scary is now like my second home. Sometimes I show up without my running shoes on accident and someone always lends me theirs.

Just one of my lovely friends from the ministry is Melissa who accepted Jesus shortly after she arrived. She asked me to mentor her a year ago and I've said no before - but to her, I couldn't. There is something really special about Melissa. She loves God and she makes me love Him more too. It's been an honor to walk with her for a year and on my birthday in March we got tattoos together! My time in Portland and my friendship with Melissa pressed on my soul that we all just want to be LOVED - and we are. She got FORGIVEN on her forearm over the scars of her past life. These are the things that make my soul happy.

I would go quite far to chase down a soul for Christ but oh how much farther He has gone to track me down.