Tuesday, August 16, 2016


Several years ago I told my mom that seeing a Broadway show with her was on my bucket list.  It was a long, long, long shot - but then it happened!

Etsy invited me to share at their Sellers Conference in Manhattan. They paid for my airfare and a tiny green closet  room, a block from the Empire State building. Mom kindly escorted me. Holy cow! That was a life changing trip!

I will never forget my time with my mom in what we named "the hottest, loudest city in the world" - NEW YORK CITY.

The fashion, the faces, the buildings, the drivers...it was all just incredibly different and fabulous! I am so glad I said yes, even though I hate speaking! The other panelists were really supportive and down to earth. It was hard for sure but I got great feedback from the sellers listening and the staff so I checked it off as a job well done. Take that fear! A special thanks to so many friends and my Mavora team who texted and prayed and cheered me on (and Cassie from Zenned Out who gave me speaking tips). What a difference a friend makes!

Like, without a friend you might give up and die on top of a bus in record breaking heat - but with a friend you can walk a mile home ducking into stores and hotels sucking on pineapples and kiwis and laughing all the way.