Wednesday, November 23, 2016

bearded dragon day

After three months of saving, researching, and going in and out of pet stores every week, we walked into Sierra Aquatics today and announced - "it's bearded dragon day"!

We picked out 'Rex' the runt of the group with pretty dark colors and I had Cory at the store put 150 crickets in a new cricket carrier. Our favorite part is NOT the crickets.

When we were all set to go Cory reassured me that Grant knows his stuff and he's going to do great. And as I turned to leave I picked up the cricket cage and said, "I think we can do it! A mom and a 10 year old, here we go!" And at that moment the full cricket keeper falls to the floor exploding crickets everywhere! I am standing there. Holding the handle of the lid still standing in a pile of crickets fury. Cory didn't lock the top on correctly.

Of course we brought my 14 year old reptile savvy Nephew who pointed his finger right at me!
Abby what did you do!?
Bro it wasn't me!

So that was a good intro to crickets...

And even though I don't care for lizards at least Grant picked a nice social lizard and I'm trying my hardest to get into it and back him up. I watched tons of videos and stalked terrarium photos to make the very coolest habitat we could. I spent too much. But it looks so sweet! Tiny home decor is kinda my thing.

Welcome home Rex!