Tuesday, March 21, 2017

soccer lover

Grant had his first competitive soccer tourney this weekend. He scored a goal which was very important to him and even after the games for the day he would come home and practice all afternoon. He started having pain in his foot so we checked it out at the doctor. Nothing was broken thankfully but he is supposed to take it easy. I wouldn't let him play yesterday before his 2.5 hour practice. At 2:00 he looked at the clock and said, "ah man, still 3 hours until soccer!" So He's into it! And we are happy to support his new found passion for footwork and left footed goal shorts and crushing all his friends at school.

Thursday, January 12, 2017

cat mom

Calli is taking her cat-mom role very seriously. She came in the house today and told me -

"Mom, I want Goose to not be afraid of the snow. So I picked him up and dropped him in the snow outside. He jumped straight out and back in the garage. Straight out!"

Yes, I may have modeled this type of parenting behavior in the past