Tuesday, June 06, 2017

the worst day

Last Friday was one of the worst days of my life. I watched our little cat friend Goose pass away. It completely broke my heart and the kids did well but everyone shed tears that day. When I told them after school I couldn't find the strength to end with bad news, my heart welled up and spoke - maybe we can get a kitten to keep Duk Duk company. One thing led to another and this broken-hearted momma just committed to taking in 4 feral kittens - just to foster - and maybe one to keep. In Goose's honor we'll take the unloved and show them not to be afraid, again.

When Calli came home from school she ran straight to me.
"Mom. Please. I hope the answer is yes. Please say yes. Please say you called the humane society and we are getting kittens."
So yes, she was ready.

It has been amazing experiencing 4 week old kittens with my kids. They are a little dirty, they left the wild just 3 days ago, but the kids don't care at all. To them they are all perfect in their own little way. But I really do need to try to bathe them today.

I LOVED Goose. He scratched all of us - but he was also tender and patient with all of us. King of the laser pointer. Thank you for being a part of our imperfect family.

C is for Cat.